Tony Robbins vs Live Powerfully Firewalk Experience

I've been firewalking for almost a decade now, and leading Firewalks for over 5 years.

I was reflecting the other day about the key differences between a Tony Robbins Firewalk and the ones I facilitate.

  • Watch the fire burn for the entire event. The process of watching the fire be lit and then burn to coals is a powerful experience.  The entire training is usually done around the fire.
  • More hands on training and mentoring from the Firewalk facilitators and leader
  • Focused training and breakthrough in a specific area of business, not just a generic breakthrough in fear
  • Plenty of time to be with the experience and firewalk multiple times. Since our groups are almost always fewer than 100 people, you have  plenty of space to process your experience before Firewalking, rather than getting your "20 seconds of fame".  And then you can firewalk as many tiemes as you want.

Firewalking Experience for San Diego Tourism by Bill

Bill Rocco owns San Diego's Best Yacht Mainteance and Dive Shop businesses.

Business 1: They maintain hundreds of Yachts at the Marinas in San Diego Bay

Business 2: They have a large selection of diving equipment and they offer guided dives and hands-on training and courses, and equipment repaire for divers in the San Diego area.

What I got from my firewalking experience was an incredible sense of conquering fear. I went to the firewalk to see if I could conquer the obvious fear and with the help and guidance of the coaches, Julian and Kevin, I accomplished the mission at hand, firewalking on hot coals in my bare feet.

What I see possible from this experience is that I can accomplish anything in life I choose. I also see the value in choosing coaches and teammates to accomplish conquering that which I fear. Julian and Kevin offered sound advice and experience to the firewalking and the rest of the participants offered confidence in that they were all doing the firewalk themselves for the first time. Overall it was an extremely powerful and empowering experience and I would recommend Julian as a leader to any of my friends who want to have their first firewalking experience.

Bill Rocco
Owner of :

Aquarius Yacht Service
Aquarius Yacht – San Diego's Best Yacht Maintenance

Firewalk Experience by William Traenkle High Tech

Will Traenkle is an IT business owner who provides Computer Support, Network Design, Internet Hosting and Managed Services. This is a great place to go if you need web hosting.

The firewalk experience is a perfect analogy for how we experience life. It is the best exercise that I have practiced to anchor how I approach challenges in my life and how I am able to overcome those challenges with power, clarity, and focus by simply being who I really am. It has enabled me to reach a higher level of awareness of who I am and how I may live a powerful life that I love. I recommend Julian’s firewalk experience to anyone who desires clarity and wants access to their true power within.


William Traenkle

Tranquilnet IT Solutions
"Keeping You Calm and Connected"

Marketing Buzz Firewalking Experience by Yoshiko

I got the following feedback from Yoshiko after the Firewalk last weekend. Her specialty is coaching people through career and life transition to what they want to do that is aligned with their true nature and purpose. Her handwriting analysis session is really great, too. I did the compatibility report, and her findings provided me with a deeper insight into the dynamics of my relationship with my girlfriend.

Hi Julian,

I first saw people do firewalking at "Survivor" (TV program) and thought "wow! how do they do that?"   Now, after having done firewalking myself, people are asking me the same question.  The firewalking experience gave me a sense of confidence that if I put my mind to it, I can work through my fears and do it anyway.  It started a pattern inside of me to take risks on a daily basis.  And to me, this is huge.  I am grateful to Julian for his courage and passion to help others transform their lives in such a unique and powerful way.

Yoshiko Inagaki
Life Purpose Coach







Marketing Buzz Firewalk Experience by Kate

Kate was was struggling with the next steps for her career as a healer. During the firewalk training she was energized and empowered about the options available to her.

Here is more in her own words about what she got from the Firewalk Experience:

Julian's Firewalking Adventure created a safe place — a community — for each of the attendees to share their dreams with each other, encourage each others' success and push our boundaries. Through our explorations of our vision, our promise to deliver on commitments to realize that vision and our leap into the (physical) fire, we each left empowered, energized and ready to take on the world!


Marketing Buzz Firewalking Experience by Marisa

Marisa is an interior decorator of fine homes and luxury yachts. She also contributes her time to help kids have more opportunities for art in their lives. Who experienced firewalking.

So what opened up for me from firewalking was an empowering belief that people who walk on fire are not victims and willing to take risks to have what they want. Firewalking is encouraging.
All of my concerns about not being good enough was snuffed out from walking across the fire. I felt very powerful and confident like I can do anything!

Marisa Reed
Art for Everyone

Marketing Buzz Firewalk Experience by Tracy

Tracy is creating a healing and wellness retreat center: experienced firewalk

Julian has been great!! This was my second firewalk but by far the most transformational. I have been able to take action on the very things I have struggled to accomplish for years as a direct result of Julian's firewalk coaching, the firewalk experience, and the connections I have found because of him. Thank you Julian for everything you do. Scott and I both felt such a profound connection with you that we see ourselves knowing you, working with you, and co-creating with you for many, many years to come.

Tracy Merritt

Firewalk Experience by John the Healer

John Dorr is a shaman and healer from Minnesota has Firewalk Experience.

1 Week Later:

I sincerely appreciate having had the opportunity to do the firewalk with you and the rest of the group.  For me, both you and the group made it the perfect experience.  While I was not there for the business aspect of doing the firewalk, it was a very significant experience.  It was sort of a jump-start of this important shamanic journey committed as a Healer

Again, thank you all for a very timely and perfect experience.

Namaste, John

6 Weeks Later:

Looking back the firewalk helped me in several ways.  Most importantly, it has helped me to concentrate and focus on a particular goal.  When I am having trouble staying with a an idea, subject or thought, I recall doing the firewalk and focusing on the goal at the end of the fire and I am able to block out all my distractions and regain my focus.

Thank you again for the opportunity.  I had been wanting to do it for several years but never had the opportunity.

Take care,


"We are all children of the same universe.
Be at peace with your God, whatever you perceive him to be.
All that we are is a product of our thoughts.
Do not count your successes by the crops you reap but by the seeds you sew."

Firewalking and MLM by Tommy J

Tommy J has Firewalk 3 times. Though I don't usually encourage kids under the age of 18 to Firewalking, I allow it if they are very drawn to do it and the parents support it and take 100% responsibility for them.

I don’t know how to quantify how firewalking has helped me and my family. Since our family has done firewalking I have gotten divorced & my son took his 5th trip to the hospital. I have not drawn on the firewalking experience to help me through tough issues or even to motivate me to achieve anything. The most significant aspect of the whole experience to me was observing my monkey when I came to firewalk for the second time. That time I had helped make the fire and was very connected to it & the physics of it. My monkey was well aware of the danger associated with the fire, my monkey was afraid of the fire and especially of the thought of walking through it. In the end I spanked the monkey and pushed him through the fire, but it was very interesting to watch his reactions. I must say it has served to demonstrate to me that I have a monkey, not that the monkey has me.

After the 2nd Son Firewalked:

Firewalking has had a profound effect on our family. As you know I have two Special Needs kids who have been dealing with devastating emotional issues. Both of my boys have walked through fire under your guidance. This have given them an expanded understanding of their personal power and their ability to move through other emotional blocks. Both boys have made tremendous progress since their experiences with you. After All, how difficult can group therapy be after you have walked through fire, Right?

Thanks for supporting my kids

Tommy J., Marketer