Firewalking Cartoon and 1986 Firewalk Flyer

I just got this flyer of firewalking from someone who attended Steve Bisyak’s Firewalk in 1986.  Bisyak was one of the original Firewalkers from the 1980′s that made Firewalking popular in the West.

Check out the Firewalking Cartoon on the flyer.

Firewalk Cartoon - At the Swamis' Picnic

Firewalk Cartoon – At the Swamis’ Picnic

At the Swamis’ Picnic

“So Waddya think?”

“Stupid coals still aren’t hot enough!”

Steve Bisyak Workshop Flyer

A Seminar for Overcoming Fear and Limiting Beliefs

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Does this well know phrase apply to any area of your life?  Have you ever not taken action in your life because you were afraid or unsure of the outcome of your decision?

Many people let fear stand in the way of following through on ideas which, if allowed to flourish and grow to maturity, could benefit themselves and others. Many people allow fear to influence their decisions to such an extent that they seldom accomplish what they truly desire. Stop for just a moment and consider what our world would be like today if fear had been allowed dominance in the minds and hearts of the great scientists, inventors, creators and artists of the past. We all have the potential to create and to discover; to advance our minds and abilities in limitless ways!  That potential is our power, but if we deny our inherent power, what’s left is fear!

This seminar, presented by Mr. Steven Bisyak, National Firewalking Instructor, will give you the tools necessary to form a relationship with fear in which you are in control. The four-hour workshop includes demonstrations, exercise and sharing in which you will gain a sense of knowing and understanding your true potential. The evening will climax with an optional demonstration of firewalking in which you will witness the Bisyaks walk barefooted over 1500 degree hot coals and be given the opportunity to walk also, if you so choose. The firewalk itself is purely voluntary, and those who do not walk learn just as much as those who do.

Focus on the Best


Mastering Fear: The Ultimate Challenge

by Steven Bisyak & Michael McDermott

(pg 143-146)

A positive focus in your life can take many forms. For instance

  • personal growth
  • success
  • high self-esteem
  • enjoying life
  • loving yourself and others more
  • making more money
  • getting all you want out of life

The quality of your experience in life is the direct result of where your focus is. When you focus only on "what if's" and negative pictures of disasters in your future, it destroys your enjoyment of the moment. Letting go of fear means empowering yourself to have more fun in life. When you focus on the best, it allows you to take action. Fear cannot limit you.

It all you can think of is ''What would my mother say?" shift your focus. If you can't think of one positive thing to focus on, find something in your field of vision and focus your mind on that. For instance, it could be a person, a tree, or a rock. It doesn't matter.

The point is, if you're paying 100% attention, you're only capable of focusing your mind on one thing at a time. If you focus on something other than your fear or negativity, that fear ceases to exist for you the moment you shift your focus.

Unless something is in your mind, it doesn't exist for you in that moment. It can't be a part of your reality unless you consciously perceive it or call it to mind by remembering it.

Pay attention
To what you see
For what you perceive is your

Michael McDermott

A monk was walking on a path in a jungle. Pretty soon a tiger started chasing him. The faster he ran, the faster the tiger ran. Soon the tiger joined two other tigers, who entered the chase. The monk ran over to the edge of a cliff and grabbed on to a vine. As he hung on to the vine, he saw below him three tigers waiting for him to fall. Just then, a rat came to the edge of the cliff and began chewing through the vine that the monk was holding on to.

In that moment. the monk glanced up and saw a small strawberry. Just before he fell from the cliff, he popped the strawberry into his mouth. He enjoyed that strawberry so much that he didn't even mind falling off the cliff and being eaten by the tigers!

The moral of the story is: The monk had practiced meditation all his life. Because of this, he had the ability to pay 100% attention. By paying 100% attention to the experience of the strawberry in his mouth, everything else ceased to exist for him in that moment. When he popped the strawberry into his mouth, the tigers disappeared, and the fear vanished. He became one with the experience of eating the strawberry and everything else, in his perception, ceased to exist.

Focus is determination. When you break a brick, you realize it's possible that you could pulverize your hand. So you accept that possibility. Then you focus your mind on the best. You visualize the brick breaking in half, and you see your hand going completely through It. You determine
the outcome by your focus. Believe in yourself 100%. You have to be 100% committed and you can't just try. Nobody ever did anything by "trying. There's a world of difference between trying and doing.

Focus is like a laser beam. When light is diffused, it has little power it's very weak, like a fluorescent light. Focus those same light rays into a laser beam, and you can cut through the toughest diamond with that focused light! A laser beam is focused, and it can penetrate anything because the rays are focused. Your mind is like that. Intelligence, power, and ability are direct results of mental focus or concentration.

Concentration, focusing your mind and believing in yourself 100%, is the key to success, whether you're breaking a brick or meeting a challenge on the job. Put emotion behind your focus. Bending rebar takes that kind of focus. When you're standing with the sharp end of a rebar against your throat, you realize it could puncture your throat. It could puncture your windpipe and lacerate your spine. You could get a tracheotomy! It can be very scary.

Focusing is like flipping a switch in your mind. You focus on the center of the bar, think "bend," and go for it. You have to give it 100% commitment or it just will not happen.

Focusing on the best helps you tremendously! It will give you the ability to accomplish whatever you want to in life! You can have successful relationships, make more money, and achieve success. Spend some time each day focusing on positive outcomes for all the problems that come up from time to time in your life. Focus on the best that can possibly happen and it probably will!

Life is a Firewalk


Mastering Fear: The Ultimate Challenge

by Steven Bisyak & Michael McDermott

pg  104-107

The firewalk has been a major tool in most of the dramatic transforrnations I've seen. One example that comes to mind is a young single woman who was living on welfare with her two toddlers. Her first firewalk was a jaunt across a 50-foot-long cinder bed of fiery embers. That's pretty unusual for a first-time firewalk. Most firewalks are no longer than 12 feet-20 feet at the most. When I saw this lady walk over 50 feet of hot coals on her very first walk, I was impressed. "This is a pretty gutsy lady," I thought.

As the months rolled by, she joined us for a number of other firewalks. She even attended the one in 1987 where we set the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's hottest firewalk. That was her last firewalk. I recall her saying she intended to take the principles of the firewalk and apply those principles to all areas of her life.

She went back to school and graduated from college with a 4.0 grade point average! She's no longer living on welfare. She's now happily married. She and her husband have three kids. Her transformation was remarkable. She went from being on welfare to graduating from college with honors. She didn't let fear limit her. She had the courage not only to think about walking on fire, she actually did it. Then she applied the principles she used to walk on fire to create the life of her dreams. She put more to life and she got more out of life.

With long-term exposure to the firewalk, you realize that the firewalk is only a metaphor. A metaphor is an analogy in which one idea or activity represents another, something that stands for something else. Firewalking represents your life. We "firewalk" every day of our lives by facing fear and meeting the challenges life has to offer.

I've heard people say, "No, I don't want to do that." Later they change their minds and attend a firewalking seminar. Sometimes you hear people say, "I have no desire to do that. You won't get me to do that in a million years." In a firewalking workshop, people learn how to master their states of mind. When the mind is conquered, the emotions are in check and you can walk on fire. You can use the same techniques to achieve anything you want
to achieve in life.

One of the biggest challenges I face is getting past people's fears and prejudices. Firewalking produces RESULTS in people's lives. Most people are so conditioned to fear the fire that they react when you bring up "firewalking." They aren't really listening because they're reacting emotionally out of fear and old programming. The key to the whole thing is an open mind, allowing for the possibilities. Techniques that allow people to walk on fire directly apply to achievement in all areas of people's lives. This book is an attempt to turn people on to the world of possibilities waiting for them at the firewalk.

The Fire of Transformation

The Same Fire That Burns the Wood

Hardens the Steel

… Step Into the Fire