Live an Integrated Life

Many STRIVE to achieve dramatic breakthroughs. You have FOUND the way. And even better, a PROVEN method of bringing clarity to your LIFE and WORK. Live a holistic and integrated life and revitalize your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. 

Walking on a bed of hot coals produces a profound “wow” experience that you will remember and talk about for a lifetime.
You can CREATE an immediate BREAKTHROUGH. A surge in the area of YOUR LIFE that needs dramatic change. With FIREWALKING you can:
  • Achieve the courage to always take the initiative.
  • Retain the clarity that allows good decisions under pressure.
  • Release the past resentments and regret and step into the new.
  • Follow through on anything that you want to.
  • Inspire yourself and others to live a productive and worthwhile life.
You can START NOW. Speed the EVOLUTION and DEVELOPMENT of your entire self. Experience the dramatic CHANGE you seek TODAY.
Take that FIRST STEP. Find a Firewalk in your area. Do it TODAY. Soon you will return to the path of GREATER FULFILLMENT and walk CONFIDENTLY in the direction of your DREAMS.
We recorded this Firewalk demonstration for the National Geographic TV show that aired on March 2, 2015.

We offer regular firewalks in San Diego, Los Angeles and often in other regions when we're asked. We serve communities of entrepreneurs, martial artists, coaches and consultants, business conferences and tourist who visit San Diego.
Reach your full potential. Breakthrough in creating what matters most in your life. An experience that will deepen the integration and expansion of the Self and your relationship with all that is.