Marketing Buzz Firewalking Experience by Yoshiko

I got the following feedback from Yoshiko after the Firewalk last weekend. Her specialty is coaching people through career and life transition to what they want to do that is aligned with their true nature and purpose. Her handwriting analysis session is really great, too. I did the compatibility report, and her findings provided me with a deeper insight into the dynamics of my relationship with my girlfriend.

Hi Julian,

I first saw people do firewalking at "Survivor" (TV program) and thought "wow! how do they do that?"   Now, after having done firewalking myself, people are asking me the same question.  The firewalking experience gave me a sense of confidence that if I put my mind to it, I can work through my fears and do it anyway.  It started a pattern inside of me to take risks on a daily basis.  And to me, this is huge.  I am grateful to Julian for his courage and passion to help others transform their lives in such a unique and powerful way.

Yoshiko Inagaki
Life Purpose Coach







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