Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins recently announced his reality show of firewalking called “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins“.  He even has a fanpage on Facebook for it.

The breakthrough finalee was recorded last month. I’m looking forward to seeing the show when it comes out.

From the marketing, the participants’ breakthroughs appear to be across the board in many areas of life. For Reality TV this will appeal to the general audience.

Though the elements to create a breakthrough are the same for almost any situation, we create  Breakthroughs just for Entrepreneurs. We can make a bigger difference tailoring the experience to the unique set of issue that entrepreneurs face in their business and life. Raising capital, maintaining a sales force, running operations, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle under pressure are just a few of the issues entrepreneurs face.

Our Firewalking Experience is a little bit different than Tony Robbins, too. You can read about the differences here.

In addition to the Firewalking Experience, you can read about our other Breakthroughs for Entreprenuers on

Tony Robbins vs Live Powerfully Firewalk Experience

I've been firewalking for almost a decade now, and leading Firewalks for over 5 years.

I was reflecting the other day about the key differences between a Tony Robbins Firewalk and the ones I facilitate.

  • Watch the fire burn for the entire event. The process of watching the fire be lit and then burn to coals is a powerful experience.  The entire training is usually done around the fire.
  • More hands on training and mentoring from the Firewalk facilitators and leader
  • Focused training and breakthrough in a specific area of business, not just a generic breakthrough in fear
  • Plenty of time to be with the experience and firewalk multiple times. Since our groups are almost always fewer than 100 people, you have  plenty of space to process your experience before Firewalking, rather than getting your "20 seconds of fame".  And then you can firewalk as many tiemes as you want.