Integration Strategy Firewalk – January 5th, 2013

Organize and focus the coming year behind a single powerful strategy for your small business, consulting or coaching practice.

Live an integrated life. Make it all work. Your entire life, health, finance, relationships AND career.

Without prioritizing or sacrifice in any one area. Create momentum that will propel you towards success [right out of the gate].

Do you find yourself spending too much time, money, and energy building your business while not getting the results you want?

Do you continuously undermine other areas of your life such as health, family, hobbies, or travel to achieve success in your business?

Make a bigger impact in 2013 without finding yourself pulled in multiple directions on how to get there. Prioritize ideas, both your own and the ones presented to you.

If you are like most people, you go into January with high hopes for the future, and will likely be disappointed by what you actually accomplish.

Take a stand. This will be your year for aggressive business growth. Choose the right approaches for you. Live a lifestyle that actually coincides with the hopes that led to the creation of your own business.

During 2013 Integration Strategy event you will:

  • Move beyond the failures and build on your achievements of 2012.
  • Create an integrated growth strategy for the new year.
  • Develop clear and achievable goals with the help of peers.
  • Achieve momentum that will carry your plans through to fruition.
  • Retain the confidence to know now where you will be in one year’s time.

There will be a firewalk at the conclusion of the event where you will bring together all your strategies and aspirations for the year and fuse them as one when you walk on the coals.

2013 Integration Strategy

Date: January 5th, 2013
Time: 3:00-7:30 p.m.
Location: Marina Village Conference Center (Mission Bay)

Fee: $125
Discounted: $95 extended until Jan 3rd, 2013

You will have a profound “wow” experience that you will remember forever.

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Firewalk Experience:

Firewalking has been an integral part of many cultures for many centuries. Typically communities Firewalk together as a group to experience oneness and unity as a group.

Firewalking creates an environment of immediacy. It fuses the mind, body, and spirit together into one focus. Creating powerful breakthroughs and new energy. Removing artificial limitations. Releasing the pent-up desire to move forward and achieve success.

The firewalk portion of the 2013 Integration Strategy event will drive home the lessons and make real the promise of the event.


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