Focus on the Best


Mastering Fear: The Ultimate Challenge

by Steven Bisyak & Michael McDermott

(pg 143-146)

A positive focus in your life can take many forms. For instance

  • personal growth
  • success
  • high self-esteem
  • enjoying life
  • loving yourself and others more
  • making more money
  • getting all you want out of life

The quality of your experience in life is the direct result of where your focus is. When you focus only on "what if's" and negative pictures of disasters in your future, it destroys your enjoyment of the moment. Letting go of fear means empowering yourself to have more fun in life. When you focus on the best, it allows you to take action. Fear cannot limit you.

It all you can think of is ''What would my mother say?" shift your focus. If you can't think of one positive thing to focus on, find something in your field of vision and focus your mind on that. For instance, it could be a person, a tree, or a rock. It doesn't matter.

The point is, if you're paying 100% attention, you're only capable of focusing your mind on one thing at a time. If you focus on something other than your fear or negativity, that fear ceases to exist for you the moment you shift your focus.

Unless something is in your mind, it doesn't exist for you in that moment. It can't be a part of your reality unless you consciously perceive it or call it to mind by remembering it.

Pay attention
To what you see
For what you perceive is your

Michael McDermott

A monk was walking on a path in a jungle. Pretty soon a tiger started chasing him. The faster he ran, the faster the tiger ran. Soon the tiger joined two other tigers, who entered the chase. The monk ran over to the edge of a cliff and grabbed on to a vine. As he hung on to the vine, he saw below him three tigers waiting for him to fall. Just then, a rat came to the edge of the cliff and began chewing through the vine that the monk was holding on to.

In that moment. the monk glanced up and saw a small strawberry. Just before he fell from the cliff, he popped the strawberry into his mouth. He enjoyed that strawberry so much that he didn't even mind falling off the cliff and being eaten by the tigers!

The moral of the story is: The monk had practiced meditation all his life. Because of this, he had the ability to pay 100% attention. By paying 100% attention to the experience of the strawberry in his mouth, everything else ceased to exist for him in that moment. When he popped the strawberry into his mouth, the tigers disappeared, and the fear vanished. He became one with the experience of eating the strawberry and everything else, in his perception, ceased to exist.

Focus is determination. When you break a brick, you realize it's possible that you could pulverize your hand. So you accept that possibility. Then you focus your mind on the best. You visualize the brick breaking in half, and you see your hand going completely through It. You determine
the outcome by your focus. Believe in yourself 100%. You have to be 100% committed and you can't just try. Nobody ever did anything by "trying. There's a world of difference between trying and doing.

Focus is like a laser beam. When light is diffused, it has little power it's very weak, like a fluorescent light. Focus those same light rays into a laser beam, and you can cut through the toughest diamond with that focused light! A laser beam is focused, and it can penetrate anything because the rays are focused. Your mind is like that. Intelligence, power, and ability are direct results of mental focus or concentration.

Concentration, focusing your mind and believing in yourself 100%, is the key to success, whether you're breaking a brick or meeting a challenge on the job. Put emotion behind your focus. Bending rebar takes that kind of focus. When you're standing with the sharp end of a rebar against your throat, you realize it could puncture your throat. It could puncture your windpipe and lacerate your spine. You could get a tracheotomy! It can be very scary.

Focusing is like flipping a switch in your mind. You focus on the center of the bar, think "bend," and go for it. You have to give it 100% commitment or it just will not happen.

Focusing on the best helps you tremendously! It will give you the ability to accomplish whatever you want to in life! You can have successful relationships, make more money, and achieve success. Spend some time each day focusing on positive outcomes for all the problems that come up from time to time in your life. Focus on the best that can possibly happen and it probably will!

My 1st Firewalk Experience (losing my fire virginity)

I found an old email from when I firewalked the first time in 2000 with Michael McDermott. What I recall is my Life Coach at the time was going to fire me as a client because I had the same complaints after almost a year of working with her. She told me I had to go do a firewalk.

Below is the email I sent out to my friends the day after I Firewalked. Looking back this experience forever shaped the course of my life. The experience is invaluable. 


By Julian D. Bergquist

August 20, 2000

Hi Friends,

I went to a firewalk last night in Redmond, WA. A What? Firewalk. You know, walk on hot coals. Some of my friends and family said i was crazy and had lost it. There were about 25 people in attendance. Seven of us walked on the coals, the other eighteen were voyuers or just curious. I walked twice over a 6" deep, 10 foot long bed of coals and did not get even the slightest of a burn. I was not in a trance or possessed by some spirit. I was scared shitless. I felt a huge wall of fear just before my feet stepped on the coals, but once i hit the fire the fear went away as i walked toward the end of the coals as quickly as possible, but without getting burned. I don't have an explanation for why i didn't get burned, but here is how the exiting event unfolded. At the end of this letter you will find more information about firewalking and several theories about what makes it possible. It isn't as cooky as you might think. Also you can subscribe to my personal newsletter.

It was 6pm when I arrived at the outdoor retreat center in Redmond. I am wondering what the hell have i gotten myself into. All i know is that i am ready for some changes in my life. Maybe if i take drastic measures i will get drastic results. The firewalk instructor named Michael ( ) was burning some sage and sweet grass in a small little fire about the size a homeless person would burn under a bridge. There is a stack of of dozen small boards near the fire. I think that maybe this is the wood that will be used. No problem. Maybe enough wood for one quick step in the fire, in and out. Find out later these boards will be used for a board breaking warmup to prepare us for the coals.

After the sage and grass offerings burn down, Michael rakes out the coals to the side and asks if i will help him stack the wood. Off to the side by the black berry bushes is about a cord of wood. We begin stacking the wood 2 rails wide and about 5 feet high in a criss cross pattern. Other people show up and help with the wood stacking. Michael tells us that stacking the wood is helping us to get into the proper head space. When we are done we have a big ass pile of  wood 10 feet long, 4 feet wide and 5 feet high. Enough wood to keep my house warm through the entire month of january with the front door wide open. I say that there is at least 100 split logs in the stack.

7pm rolls around and we begin. Michael lights the fire and begins dumpings about a gallon of kerosene on the fire. The fire is now flaming 10 feet in the air. For the next 15 minutes the flames grow to 20 feet in the air. I'm sitting 20 feet away mesmorized by the intense heat and beauty of the fire.

Finally the instruction begins. Everyone gets in a circle and shares our name and why we came. I say i want to learn to transform fear into a creative force in my life. I'm tired of living in fear. "I you have lost your marbles" i think to myself. "Can't you come up with a better way to conquor fear."

Michael talks about intention and that 100% focus on our intention is going to be the deciding factor that makes our firewalk a success. Michael picks up a 1 foot square board that is 1" thick. He says that normally you need some martial arts training to break this with your hands, but he will teach us to do it in just a couple of minutes. He talks about visualization and seeing our hand and energy driving through the board and at least several inches beyond. A little discussion of technique (rotate hips, explode, pull other hand in to chest, etc) and we began. We write on the front of our board our fear and on the back what we want after we break throught the fear. I write "fear of failure" on the front and "success/psychic" on the back since i want to be financially successful and to develop my psychic abilities to help other people. I break my board with one explosive punch. My hand didn't hurt even though i have a sore wrist and fingers from all the computer work i used to do. Adrenaline was pumping hard now.

Now off to the side of the fire Michael sets down a practice runway on the grass. He shows us the proper technique for firewalking the first time. Drive toward the goal 3 feet past the end of the fire. Get yourself in and the hell out of the fire. Michael talks about how he has been burned very bad and couldn't walk for a month. Right now would not be the best time for a visit to the hospital. 100% focus and being in a high energy state is required. You can't be lethargic or scattered. After we practice the firewalk we wait another 30 minutes for the coals to form. I stare at the coals wondering if firewalking for the first time is kind of like losing your virginity.

Michael uses a 8 foot long rake to form the coals in to a 10 foot runway about 2 feet wide and 6" deep. We take our practice run one more time on the grass.

Now began the real things. Michael firewalks first. Then 5 other people. I'm last. My nerves are fried like i had hadn't slept in 2 days or as though i was about to be introduced to a famous person i had always wanted to meet. I take a few steps forward but i just can't go those past few steps to the coals. It felt like mount everrest was in front of me and would just not budge. I try several more times. I step back and tell the next guy he can go again. My knees were quaking like when i had to give an oral book report in 5 grade.

Thus starts the mind game. I think that i have this wonderful opportunity in front of me and i wonder if i can live with myself if it let it pass. What if my feet burn and i need skin grafts? (Fortunately before coming i had checked to make sure i had paid my insurance for the month.) What if what everyone told me is right, that i'm crazy for even trying? I told you so, i could hear them saying. Then i began thinking about the many opportunities i have let pass me by because of fear. Will i continue this cycle for the rest of my life? No! i tell myself. I want happiness and success. I want a career i will enjoy. I want to help people. I want to eliminate my debt and have plenty to enjoy.

I step up again to walk. My heart is racing, my energy is high, i'm scared. From 6 feet away the fire is hot. I look past the end of the fire and put all my concentration there. One of the guys who walked already walked up and tells me something encouraging. I think he said that i have created many illussion of fear and now is my opportunity to break through them. I don't remember for sure what he said, but it was enough to assure me i could do it. I put my focus on the goal 3 feet past the end of the fire. This time i walked on coals.

I don't remember feeling anything, i had one thing on my mind: get the hell to the other side. Three seconds later i was on grass. Ten minutes later i did it again. I was just as scared the second time i walked. I noticed my focus drifting toward my feet during the last step. When i got to the grass i kicked off any remaining embers. They felt tingley, but there were no burns at all. After the second walk i decide that i have had enough for the night. I don't want to push my luck, my focus was beginning to diminish.

My world didn't change drastically in those three seconds or in the hours to follow. But i have begin readying myself to move through some of fears in other areas of my life that are preventing me from enjoying life to the fullest. I learned a tremendous amout about focus and having a singleness of mind. I don't think that firewalking is for most people, but i'm glad i did it. I think i will probably do it again sometime. The fire seems to have many lessons to teach.

The Obstacle Surgeon

Question: Why Do People Fail at their Goals?

Answer: Their actions are insufficient to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

These obstacles are two fold. I assert that either

1. They don't know what needs to be done or how to do it. Basically, they lack the training, or

2. The have inner obstacles, resistances, indecision or limitations that prevent them from doing what is needed to make what they say a reality

I will not address #1 in this post.

I will assume that if you are reading this post you have a sufficient amount of understanding and insight to be successful if you just executed what you know.

The Obstacle Surgeon

I am not a "Sales Trainer" of the specific technique to use when selling to your clients and customers. You may be wondering then why you should listen to me.

I'm an expert at helping people identify the critical obstacles that prevent them from having what they want. I then help people remove these obstacles so they can create the results easily and quickly.

I specifically work with entrepreneurs, self-employeed professionals and sales people to empower them to be powerful leaders and successful in their field.

The Obstacle Surgeon

Simple Obstacle Removal Process

1. Identify what you want. In business, this is the next measurable goal or objective you will focus on

2. Ask yourself, "What is preventing me from fulfilling on this right now, easily and quickly"

3. Behind each of these issues there is a limiting belief, experience or conversation you have with yourself that prevents you being in action

4. You have 2 options:

a. Just Do It – Do what needs to be done anyway even if you have obstacles or don't feel like doing it

b. Get Coached – work with a business coach who works with people in your field to help you remove these. This will help you more quickly and easily get your results

Firewalk to Ignite the New Economy April 18th, 2009

To San Diego's Entrepreneurs, Coaches,
Sales People and Self-Employed Professionals:

Are your existing clients and customers not buying as much or often as they use to?

Are potential clients hard to find, or give excuses about "the economy" and not having the money right now?

Ignite sales in your business and no longer be shackled

to the limitations and fears about the current economy


You could actually be thriving right now, not just surviving, by having plenty of clients and business.

The key is to face head on your biggest challenges to getting more customers and clients.

  • Are clients skimping and not  buying right now?
  • Are products or services you offer not seeling as well?
  • Are potential clients no longer coming to you like they use to?
  • Do you need to learn to market or hire someone to help?
  • Do you need more referrals?
  • Do you tired of the same objections even though you have an excellent product or service?

No matter what  challenges you are facing, there is something  that you don't know or are feeling confused or overwhelm about that is preventing you from being powerful in the face of this challenge.

Igniting San Diego's Economy (Firewalk April 18th)

On April 18th, there will be a 4 hours Firewalk training taylored to the needs of entrepreneurs, coachessales people and self employeed professions that will help you blast through these obstacles and get to where you want to be.

Here is an overview of what will happen

1. You will get clarity and support about the biggest challenges you are facing in your specific business or occupation

2. You will identify and commit to the most important 1-2 actions that will make the biggest difference in increasing your sales and revenues immediately

3. You will be outrageous and unstoppable in completing those actions powerfully and quickly and generating more income right now

Consider this:

1. Shifting the mass perception of the current world wide financial situation requires months or years and millions of people to change their view

2. You can shift your outlook in an instant and write a completely different future than the one handed to everyone else, a future where you have a choice and a say how it goes.

Event Details

Date: April 18th, 2009
Time: 5:15-9:15pm
Location: San Diego area


At the Event

$70 per person
$100 per couple

(A portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer 3 Day)

More About Firewalking

For hundreds of years, the Firewalk ceremony was a rite of initiation for communities to celebrate and empower their tribes or villages. The principles still apply today and are empowering people to make a difference and help ignite San Diego's economy.
Here are the experiences many people have have reported from Firewalking:
  • Improved ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Ability to set an intentions and direction that inspire and motivate
  • More courage and power to act in the face of fear
  • Ability to follow through on worthy projects
  • Opening to experience love and compassion
  • Release of the past while stepping into the new
  • Experience of a profound sense of community

About the Firewalk Leader:

Julian D. Bergquist creates and delivers empowerment programs that help small business owners and self employed professionals increase their revenues and grow their businesses.

Event is Over

Event is now past