Firewalking Experience for San Diego Tourism by Bill

Bill Rocco owns San Diego's Best Yacht Mainteance and Dive Shop businesses.

Business 1: They maintain hundreds of Yachts at the Marinas in San Diego Bay

Business 2: They have a large selection of diving equipment and they offer guided dives and hands-on training and courses, and equipment repaire for divers in the San Diego area.

What I got from my firewalking experience was an incredible sense of conquering fear. I went to the firewalk to see if I could conquer the obvious fear and with the help and guidance of the coaches, Julian and Kevin, I accomplished the mission at hand, firewalking on hot coals in my bare feet.

What I see possible from this experience is that I can accomplish anything in life I choose. I also see the value in choosing coaches and teammates to accomplish conquering that which I fear. Julian and Kevin offered sound advice and experience to the firewalking and the rest of the participants offered confidence in that they were all doing the firewalk themselves for the first time. Overall it was an extremely powerful and empowering experience and I would recommend Julian as a leader to any of my friends who want to have their first firewalking experience.

Bill Rocco
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