Igniting the New Economy and Fulfilling Dreams Now

I attended my first Firewalk in July 2000 after my Life Coach said she would fire me as a client if I didn't make more progress and shift my self-imposed limitations about my life. After many months of complaining every week about my job, girlfriend, difficulties of starting a business and the constant rainy weather in Seattle, she had enough and said I MUST find the next FIREWALK and go DO IT NOW, OR ELSE!

When I got online I found out a "FIREWALK" is a large bonfire, burned down to the ground, raked into a thin bed of hot coals usually 8-12 feet long and then walked on. "Oh god", I thought, "how is this possible".

That fateful night, the moment right before Firewalking, I remember being scared, wondering what will happen, feeling that climbing Mt. Everest would probably be easier and SAFER. But I wanted a new future, I was tired of not making significant progress toward my goals and dreams.

After successfully firewalking on hot coals and not being burned, everything I thought possible expanded and the confusion in my life shattered. That Firewalk Experience transformed my life and opened a new path out from where I had been stuck. Within 6 months of Firewalking, I had left that empty relationship, moved to California and started my business. My life was in motion.

History of Firewalking

Firewalking has been a rite of passage and community ritual for hundreds of years. You can find Firewalking in Polynesian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Native cultures around the globe and still happening today. Originally, it was not a seminar as it often is now in the West. Although, it has always been a moment of inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment tied to the sacred. It is the fusion of Power and Soul.

In Polynesia the fire purified a person before receiving a sacred family Tattoo. In Coptic Christianity and many other cultures it was a test of the depth of one's faith. In most of the traditions the community came together to let go of the past and create a new beginning, honor the gods or God, and connect with the elements.

I'm an ordained Firewalking Priest in the New Thought tradition of Huna. In this tradition, walking on coals brings the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of oneself together as one in a moment of unity, harmony and enlightenment and is experienced in a very real and meaningful way.

Transformation by Fire

Firewalking offers the tangible experience of being purified and transformed by the element Fire. Firewalkers purify their intentions when they walk on Fire, and are left with the purpose and dream of their life and power to accomplish it. They also experience a deeper awareness and compassion for other people. Firewalkers experience dual consciousness: life before Firewalking vs life on the other side of the coals; meandering through life vs walking focused toward ones dreams.

The Firewalk is synergistic, because it brings all the Elements together.

The Wood from the Earth
The Water in the Wood
The Fire combusting with Air and Wood to transform into Energy and released to the Air
All that remains on the ground is a tiny handful of ash (Earth).

When I talk with people even years after they've Firewalked, they say the experience was deeply memorable and an allegory for living a successful life. That the experience provided ongoing inspiration and insight being courageous and free of fear, having laser focus, committing and following through on things that matter, and have deeper spiritual roots.

The New Economy and Dreams Fulfilled

We are using the Firewalk Experience as a tool to help people be free, abundant and powerful to generate success in the New Economy. Because Small Business Owners and "Solopreneurs" are the engine of the New Economy, these insights and experiences applied to sales, marketing and leadership help them fulfill their own dreams and generate a new economic future for themselves and the people they touch.

We have had at least five Firewalk Leaders host about a dozen Firewalks in 2009 in the San Diego area. We are gearing up for a Fall Line-Up of more Firewalks and breakthrough events to ignite their businesses and assist them in fulfilling their dreams. A portion of the proceeds from these events are given to charitable causes in the San Diego area.

Julian D. Bergquist is an ordained Huna Firewalking Priest, workshop leader and coach. He is passionate about facilitating breakthroughs that result in effective relationships and improved communication in business, intimate relationships and with oneself. Find out about the next Firewalk and breakthrough experiences for the remainder of 2009 at http://www.SDFirewalk.com. Or call 619-573-6638

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