Leadership Firewalk June 27th, 2009

To San Diego's Small Business Owners in the
Wellness, Empowerment and Eco-Friendly Industries

Are you in the start-up to early stages of business growth?

Would you like to be an effective leader who causes a paradigm shift in your Industry and be well compensated at the same time?

Emerge from this 4 hour training a leader in your niche capable of causing word of mouth buzz and attracting joint venture partnerships ideally suited for what you do


This 4 hours of hands on training will cut through the fluff and confusion and get right to the essence of what it takes to quickly capture the attention of other leaders and your customer and take them where they want and need to go.


From May 23rd, 2009:

Julian has been great!!  This was my second firewalk but by far the most transformational.  I have been able to take action on the very things I have struggled to accomplish for years as a direct result of Julian's coaching, the firewalk experience, and the connections I have found because of him.  Thank you Julian for everything you do.  Scott and I both felt such a profound connection with you that we see ourselves knowing you, working with you, and co-creating with you for many, many years to come. — Tracy

Chances are remote that I will not accomplish my task. If I was willing to walking on hot coals for my book, surely I’ll walk through whatever comes in my path to accomplishing my goal. Julian’s coaching was also extremely helpful in that it widened my vision to clearly see new possibilities for bringing forth Core Mastery. Thank you , Julian! – Jitendra

I first saw people walking on fire at “Survivor” (TV program) and thought “wow! how do they do that?”   Now, after having done that myself, people are asking me, “wow!  how did you do that?”  The experience gave me a sense of confidence that if I put my mind to it, I can work through my fears and do it anyway.  It started a pattern inside of me to take risks on a daily basis.  And to me, this is huge.  I am grateful to Julian for his courage and passion to help others transform their lives in such a unique and powerful way. -Yoshiko


Event Details

Live Event

Date: June 27th, 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 6-10pm
Location: San Diego Area

Conference Call

Post-event Followup Call: Wed 7/1 & 7/8 @ 7-8pm


Tuition: $100

This include:

4 hours of hands on marketing mentoring on June 27th

2 hours of group coaching by phone after the event




Note: A portion of the proceeds will go to the GP2 Project, a progressive initiative to cleanup the swirling mass of waste and toxic plastic in the ocean that is harming sealife and putting toxic chemicals into our food chain.


This firewalk Event is Now Past


Marketing Buzz Firewalking Experience by Yoshiko

I got the following feedback from Yoshiko after the Firewalk last weekend. Her specialty is coaching people through career and life transition to what they want to do that is aligned with their true nature and purpose. Her handwriting analysis session is really great, too. I did the compatibility report, and her findings provided me with a deeper insight into the dynamics of my relationship with my girlfriend.

Hi Julian,

I first saw people do firewalking at "Survivor" (TV program) and thought "wow! how do they do that?"   Now, after having done firewalking myself, people are asking me the same question.  The firewalking experience gave me a sense of confidence that if I put my mind to it, I can work through my fears and do it anyway.  It started a pattern inside of me to take risks on a daily basis.  And to me, this is huge.  I am grateful to Julian for his courage and passion to help others transform their lives in such a unique and powerful way.

Yoshiko Inagaki
Life Purpose Coach







Marketing Buzz Firewalk Experience by Jeremy

Jeremy McKay offers Internet Marketing Consulting for Fine Artist selling and promoting their art online.

I have doubts, we all have similar doubts worries and fears, I am not saying the Firewalk removed the doubts.  I can still sense them, and I accept them as a part of me.  I clearer and the other parts of me that were not fully on board, probably still are not, but they are willing to let me call the shots.  The Firewalk provided a boost of confidence to my conscious and unconscious mind, that together with a little bit of faith we can accomplish anything we dream.

Jeremy also told me separately he had a breakthrough in creating and promoting his own art.

Firewalk to Ignite the New Economy April 18th, 2009

To San Diego's Entrepreneurs, Coaches,
Sales People and Self-Employed Professionals:

Are your existing clients and customers not buying as much or often as they use to?

Are potential clients hard to find, or give excuses about "the economy" and not having the money right now?

Ignite sales in your business and no longer be shackled

to the limitations and fears about the current economy


You could actually be thriving right now, not just surviving, by having plenty of clients and business.

The key is to face head on your biggest challenges to getting more customers and clients.

  • Are clients skimping and not  buying right now?
  • Are products or services you offer not seeling as well?
  • Are potential clients no longer coming to you like they use to?
  • Do you need to learn to market or hire someone to help?
  • Do you need more referrals?
  • Do you tired of the same objections even though you have an excellent product or service?

No matter what  challenges you are facing, there is something  that you don't know or are feeling confused or overwhelm about that is preventing you from being powerful in the face of this challenge.

Igniting San Diego's Economy (Firewalk April 18th)

On April 18th, there will be a 4 hours Firewalk training taylored to the needs of entrepreneurs, coachessales people and self employeed professions that will help you blast through these obstacles and get to where you want to be.

Here is an overview of what will happen

1. You will get clarity and support about the biggest challenges you are facing in your specific business or occupation

2. You will identify and commit to the most important 1-2 actions that will make the biggest difference in increasing your sales and revenues immediately

3. You will be outrageous and unstoppable in completing those actions powerfully and quickly and generating more income right now

Consider this:

1. Shifting the mass perception of the current world wide financial situation requires months or years and millions of people to change their view

2. You can shift your outlook in an instant and write a completely different future than the one handed to everyone else, a future where you have a choice and a say how it goes.

Event Details

Date: April 18th, 2009
Time: 5:15-9:15pm
Location: San Diego area


At the Event

$70 per person
$100 per couple

(A portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer 3 Day)

More About Firewalking

For hundreds of years, the Firewalk ceremony was a rite of initiation for communities to celebrate and empower their tribes or villages. The principles still apply today and are empowering people to make a difference and help ignite San Diego's economy.
Here are the experiences many people have have reported from Firewalking:
  • Improved ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Ability to set an intentions and direction that inspire and motivate
  • More courage and power to act in the face of fear
  • Ability to follow through on worthy projects
  • Opening to experience love and compassion
  • Release of the past while stepping into the new
  • Experience of a profound sense of community

About the Firewalk Leader:

Julian D. Bergquist creates and delivers empowerment programs that help small business owners and self employed professionals increase their revenues and grow their businesses.

Event is Over

Event is now past