San Diego Firewalk Response to Recent Incident

Like many in the area, we here at San Diego Firewalk were shocked to learn of the events at firewalking event last evening at Paradise Point. We extend our hopes for a speedy recovery to the two participants who received injuries.

San Diego Firewalk was in NO WAY consulted, involved, or associated with organizing or leading this event.

The details of who facilitated the event, what group may have sponsored it and what precautions were used remain unknown. We will be grateful when the full facts are known.

Firewalking is an experience of renewal shared with a group of individuals who seek greatness. Many cultures throughout world come together once a year, sometimes more, to celebrate our inherent power and renew the focus it takes to achieve what might normally seem impossible.

The majority of these events occur in a safe, controlled, environment and are led by responsible, skilled, leaders.

San Diego Firewalk has an 8-year record of successfully leading dozens of firewalks in the San Diego area with absolutely no incidents of similar harm. It is the responsibility of a trained and experienced leader to provide a safe event. Precautions exist that prevent exactly these types of occurrences, ensuring the safety of the participants at all times. From choosing the location, to knowing a platform is necessary and how to build a proper one, and even the timing of each individuals walk; dozens of variables must be thoughtful controlled.

Firewalking is a significant accomplishment, cultivating human potential to overcome any obstacle and achieve any dream, so long as focus is maintained.

We have all been told at some point to, ‘Live in the moment.’To align every aspect of ourselves. To experience the power of body, mind, and spirit working together towards a singular focus. The sum of our parts is greater than we dare to imagine. The courage and fearlessness gained from The Firewalk Experience allow ourselves to understand this truth.

More information on this incident in Mission Bay is being provided by NBC 7’s San Diego News and can be viewed here:

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