Firewalking and MLM by Tommy J

Tommy J has Firewalk 3 times. Though I don't usually encourage kids under the age of 18 to Firewalking, I allow it if they are very drawn to do it and the parents support it and take 100% responsibility for them.

I don’t know how to quantify how firewalking has helped me and my family. Since our family has done firewalking I have gotten divorced & my son took his 5th trip to the hospital. I have not drawn on the firewalking experience to help me through tough issues or even to motivate me to achieve anything. The most significant aspect of the whole experience to me was observing my monkey when I came to firewalk for the second time. That time I had helped make the fire and was very connected to it & the physics of it. My monkey was well aware of the danger associated with the fire, my monkey was afraid of the fire and especially of the thought of walking through it. In the end I spanked the monkey and pushed him through the fire, but it was very interesting to watch his reactions. I must say it has served to demonstrate to me that I have a monkey, not that the monkey has me.

After the 2nd Son Firewalked:

Firewalking has had a profound effect on our family. As you know I have two Special Needs kids who have been dealing with devastating emotional issues. Both of my boys have walked through fire under your guidance. This have given them an expanded understanding of their personal power and their ability to move through other emotional blocks. Both boys have made tremendous progress since their experiences with you. After All, how difficult can group therapy be after you have walked through fire, Right?

Thanks for supporting my kids

Tommy J., Marketer

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