7 Reasons NOT to Firewalk

I usually answers the question of why people SHOULD consider attending a Firewalk training or ceremony (Top 7 Reasons People Firewalk). This time I will answer why people SHOULD NOT attend a Firewalk. If you are attracted or hold tightly to any of the following than maybe Firewalking is not for you.

Why NOT to Firewalk

1. Being Irresponsible: If you are not willing to take responsibility for the outcome of your life, don't attend a Firewalk. Critical to firewalk is your willingness to accept responsibility for the outcome of your actions. Often there is a huge potential upside to a potential set of actions, but their is also a risk. If you cannot accept the risk, than don't even bother doing it.

2. Thinking it Through: This usually turns into analysis paralysis. The most important opportunities that will make a difference in your life will probably require a quick decision. Powerful opportunities move quickly, and you want to be able to  identify and commit to great opportunities when they cross your path before somebody else takes it first. If you feel more comfortable analyzing and thinking things through rather than taking action, then don't attend a Firewalk.

3. Nothing is Sacred: The Firewalk is traditionally a rite of initiation to celebration and empower local and religious communities. If you don't feel a pull toward the realm of the sacred and spiritual then don't attend a Firewalk. Stay home and watch Myth Busters on TV.

4. Creature of Routine: If you are a creature of habit and don't like to expand yourself and try new things, then definitely don't attend a Firewalk. If you have been a creature of routine in the past, but would like to transform what is not working, then race to your next Firewalk in your area. Or even fly to one in another city as soon as possible.

5. Low Levels of Awareness: Do you love staying unaware of your full potential in life? Do you consider yourself a finite being? If you are content with the limits of who you currently know yourself to be, don't go to a Firewalk. Firwalking expands your awareness of who you are and how you can live powerfully in life.

6. Complaining and Negativity: If you like to complain and dwell on obstacles and challenges in your life, rather than climb over them, around them or blast through them, whatever it takes, then stay at home or go chat over coffee with your friends about those crazy Firewalkers.

7. Commited to Fear and Worry: I doubt anyone will readily admit to this, but many, many people demonstrate their committment to this with their actions. If you  stay in fear or worry more than a few days or weeks at the most, you are stuck. Living Powerfully is alway pushing the envelop, and fear will show up. But if you are still stopped about what you want because of fear and worry, it is time to get unstuck. But if you are really committed to staying small, then don't attend a Firewalk.

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