Top 7 Reasons People Firewalk

The following is what inspires people to attend a firewalk for the first time. No one reason is any better than another. What I hear from experienced firewalkers is that they frequently get what they come for, and in many cases get something completely unexpected. I am continually impressed that the Firewalk experience is such a rich experience for people.

  1. Courage – Powerful Action in the Face of Fear
    This is what consistently entices the most people to attend a firewalk. I've written an entire article about this that I will send in a few days.
  2. Empowerment to Transform Life
    A Firewalk Experience can be like a booster shot to give you the keys to transform your life. For example, people have given up bad habits or manifested large amounts of money in short periods of time. Some people say they are looking for courage and empowerment to end a bad relationship or improve quality of a current relationship.
  3. Sacred Ceremony
    Many people come to the fire in a sacred manner looking for a deeper level of heart, soul, trust, and openness in their life. They may heal a past hurt or wound or connect in a profound way with something they consider god or sacred.
  4. Expand Vision and Dreams of what is Possible
    Remove the constraints and limitations that keep your Vision and Dreams small. So many times we think we can't have what we want because of our past experience or failures. People realize they haven't dreamed big enough and are looking to create a vision for their life that inspires them every day and calls them into action.
  5. Shift in Perceived Limitations of the Physical World
    Many times I hear people boldly exclaim, “I walked on fire, I can do anything I put my mind to”. This is very true and a great place to be. This realization allows a person to approach any area of their life with enthusiasm and power.
  6. Practice Using Power of Intention
    Many people are already familiar with the power of intention to live a successful life. When they hear about Firewalking, they want to discover if it is their positive intention that enables their safety.
  7. Try Something New
    Firewalk is fun, and there is always a few people at a firewalk who just love to try new things and experience all the joys and beauty of life in every form. They find the idea of firewalking very curious and always up for a good time. They walk in fun and celebration.

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