What is True Courage?

Courage is doing whatever needs to be done regardless of how you feel.

The simple answer for getting unstuck is to be courageous and do whatever you need to do.

But this is very challenging at times. Instead, we find other ways to avoid the challenge, or to cope or heal our “internal wound”, or whatever you call the source of the block you have.

Healing is important work and I’m not saying there isn’t a place for this. And there are some really great techniques out there that help to heal and eliminate some of the fear and resistance so you can get back in the action. There are NLP, EFT, “anchors”, and hypnosis, just to name a few. And you can use a coach to help you walk through these processes.

These are all great tools, but there is something more fundamental at play here. Those tools are not the key to living an amazing and powerful life. They do not replace the fact that you must still act courageously, even when you use those tools.

The key to living a powerful and effective life is Courage. No matter how big the problem, no matter how big your fear, if you can act courageously when presented with an opportunity, you can have anything you want.

Life only gives you the opportunities that you are ready to take advantage of. One of the reasons you likely didn’t take advantage of the many opportunities presented thus far was your fear. So life keeps giving you the same opportunity over and over until you move through it so you can be ready for the next step. When you can act courageously on the opportunities life gives you now then you will be given greater opportunities, until your life looks exactly like you have always dreamed. Each time a new opportunity is presented you may have some level of fear. You then step courageously through the experience to the next one. This is the process to follow so you can have anything you want.

I believe that most of us have some hopes for comfort, relaxation and ease in life. When fear comes up and all the stories with it, it so much easier to say, “this is too damn difficult” and forget about it. But it will come back again next time the situation arises, and thus continue the same cycle. It is the wrong time for comfort and ease when courage is called for. There is plenty of time for rest between your moments of power.

What Courage is NOT

There is something very important that many people misunderstand about courage. Courage does not mean that you power on through your life and without being gentle and sensitive with yourself and your feelings.

There is a way of being courageous, yet be completely in touch with your feelings and still taking action, even through your feelings may be screaming, “don’t do this” or “this hurts”. When you are able to spend a little bit of time just being with your fear, using some specific awareness practices, your fear can expand into a powerful energy you can use to propel you forward.

After doing this several times you will become more comfortable with the process of being bold and courageous in the face of your strong feelings. And you will begin to notice that your feelings aren’t as strong anymore and you are able to use their energy positively. You will become more comfortable and confident if you ever encounter that same pit in your stomach that used to stop you cold.

I hope you are beginning to see that cultivating the virtue of courage is imperative to living a life you love. If you want health, wealth, success or love–Courage is your access. I support each of you becoming comfortable with the process of moving through fear in your life.

For the rest of your life, there will always be things that bring up fear. At the end of your life it will be there again, one more chance to fear the inevitable. You can fear your death, or step into the experience courageously.

Learning the virtue of courage will serve you for the rest of your life.
If you know someone who is stuck in some area of their life, please forward this to them. Maybe this article will be the encouragement they need to get their life in motion.

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