Firewalk: Initiation into Warriorhood

They key to warriorhood is your ability to accept your death. Eventually we will all die including everyone we love and care about. Or in our closest relationships someone may leave or go away because you have grown apart or whatever the reason. Either way, love and loss is a normal part of life and something a true warrior embraces and accepts the fear of those things happening when faced with it Also, a warrior is free from the past constraints and fully present to what is going on in the moment. She (or he) is able to apply her training and wisdom into immediate and decisive action as the situation calls forth.
If you watched the most recent Star Wars you will see how Anikan Skywalker's resistence to potentially loosing his precious wife ended up being the cause of her death and the drive that turned him to the Dark Side, and his evolution to Darth Vader. In contrast, the other Jedi masters had learned that when someone passes on they can still be with you, just in a different form. They accepted this as the way life is. Anikan wanted to cheat death in order to prevent himself from suffering again after someone he loves dies. He suffered when his mom had died, and he would not accept facing that experience again. A better path for Anikan would have been to do his best to save her, but not just for his own sake or to prevent the grief he didn't want to bear. Rather to do it for her sake and as a natural response to his love for her. A warrior offers his life in service to the ones he cares about, not just for personal gain or merely self interests. This is the path of Huna and every spiritual teaching that is worth embodying. And always remember that a Warrior always fights for something and never against something. For "we become what we hate."
Now once you have accepted life as it is, how would you choose to live? How free would you be to live a life you love and express the passions wanting to come out? You could actually pursue what you choose more fully and courageously because you didn't fear the loss of someone or something. Or you could start that business or make that investment because you can see that these things eventually pass away, too. This freedom allows for more fun and contribution because you are not holding back. You still face fear and you weigh the risks before you enter, but with courage to act inspite of it. You could be fully present to a situation and handle whatever occurred because you have embraced life how it is.
Preparation: So with the firewalk, i encourage you to come with an openness to explore what is in it for you. The opportunity i am presenting is a path towards a fully integrated life, where all the facets of yourself; your body, mind, spirit and soul come into harmony and single focus. From this place a type of divine inspiration will flow through you. In the firewalk there are some risks to accept and bold action to take. Consider what areas of your life you would like a breakthrough in and all the obstacle and reason you have that are holding you back from having it. We will work with this during the ceremony.
There is no obligation or pressure to walk through the fire during the ceremony. Sometimes, it takes more courage not to walk even though others you know already did it. During the ceremony you will have the chance to distinguish the voice of fear and the still small voice of guidance. It is that same small voice that will call you to the fire. Only walk if the opportunity opens up to you.
The firewalk experience can be a powerful "anchor" to support you in overcoming fear or doubt when it shows up in your life. It also shatters limitation regarding what you can image your life to be. Maybe you have not been dreaming as big as you would like because these big dreams seemed impossible to achieve. Or maybe the dream or vision is attainable, but you can imagine it coming with much more ease. The firewalk becomes a metaphor for you life. You can create your life with the same power, focus, clarity, and guidance as you did during the firewalk. We will be exploring ancient wisdom that will help you clarify what you want and live powerfully into this vision. You will learn how to hold this vision every day, and nurture it and grow it into the reality with faith, gratitude and prayer.
Preparation: Consider the question, "If time, money, energy and resources were not an obstacle, what you do? Who would you be?"

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