Firewalking Cartoon and 1986 Firewalk Flyer

I just got this flyer of firewalking from someone who attended Steve Bisyak’s Firewalk in 1986.  Bisyak was one of the original Firewalkers from the 1980′s that made Firewalking popular in the West.

Check out the Firewalking Cartoon on the flyer.

Firewalk Cartoon - At the Swamis' Picnic

Firewalk Cartoon – At the Swamis’ Picnic

At the Swamis’ Picnic

“So Waddya think?”

“Stupid coals still aren’t hot enough!”

Steve Bisyak Workshop Flyer

A Seminar for Overcoming Fear and Limiting Beliefs

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Does this well know phrase apply to any area of your life?  Have you ever not taken action in your life because you were afraid or unsure of the outcome of your decision?

Many people let fear stand in the way of following through on ideas which, if allowed to flourish and grow to maturity, could benefit themselves and others. Many people allow fear to influence their decisions to such an extent that they seldom accomplish what they truly desire. Stop for just a moment and consider what our world would be like today if fear had been allowed dominance in the minds and hearts of the great scientists, inventors, creators and artists of the past. We all have the potential to create and to discover; to advance our minds and abilities in limitless ways!  That potential is our power, but if we deny our inherent power, what’s left is fear!

This seminar, presented by Mr. Steven Bisyak, National Firewalking Instructor, will give you the tools necessary to form a relationship with fear in which you are in control. The four-hour workshop includes demonstrations, exercise and sharing in which you will gain a sense of knowing and understanding your true potential. The evening will climax with an optional demonstration of firewalking in which you will witness the Bisyaks walk barefooted over 1500 degree hot coals and be given the opportunity to walk also, if you so choose. The firewalk itself is purely voluntary, and those who do not walk learn just as much as those who do.

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