The Obstacle Surgeon

Question: Why Do People Fail at their Goals?

Answer: Their actions are insufficient to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

These obstacles are two fold. I assert that either

1. They don't know what needs to be done or how to do it. Basically, they lack the training, or

2. The have inner obstacles, resistances, indecision or limitations that prevent them from doing what is needed to make what they say a reality

I will not address #1 in this post.

I will assume that if you are reading this post you have a sufficient amount of understanding and insight to be successful if you just executed what you know.

The Obstacle Surgeon

I am not a "Sales Trainer" of the specific technique to use when selling to your clients and customers. You may be wondering then why you should listen to me.

I'm an expert at helping people identify the critical obstacles that prevent them from having what they want. I then help people remove these obstacles so they can create the results easily and quickly.

I specifically work with entrepreneurs, self-employeed professionals and sales people to empower them to be powerful leaders and successful in their field.

The Obstacle Surgeon

Simple Obstacle Removal Process

1. Identify what you want. In business, this is the next measurable goal or objective you will focus on

2. Ask yourself, "What is preventing me from fulfilling on this right now, easily and quickly"

3. Behind each of these issues there is a limiting belief, experience or conversation you have with yourself that prevents you being in action

4. You have 2 options:

a. Just Do It – Do what needs to be done anyway even if you have obstacles or don't feel like doing it

b. Get Coached – work with a business coach who works with people in your field to help you remove these. This will help you more quickly and easily get your results

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