Marketing Buzz Firewalk Experience by Salvatore

I always think of fire as a type of cleansing, with automatic cauterization, if you will. In that regard it is very much a medium of purification. The firewalk did a lot of that for me. It cleared my mind and helped me see the challenges I have to face with my business.

In placing my journey to the success on the hot coals, I was able to identify the weaknesses that my journey would bring out in me. The main one was losing focus. I went over the hot coals twice because the first time I firewalk, I completely lost sight of my goal and all intentions as soon as the heat became too much to bear. My energy scattered. Now I know exactly what my challenge is in my journey and I am well-prepared to deal with it.

Thanks, Julian!

Salvatore Pacilio Numerologist

Salvatore Pacilio Numerologist

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