Firewalk and the New Economy by Patrick

Patrick was teaching and leading people on a small scale. Now he has targeted higher levels of management.

Here are the biggest things I take away from the 2 firewalks I did with you.

The first firewalk I saw how I do everything in life. A blind faith, lock and load, lets go…what the hey. And in seeing that I can actually be responsible for that and ask myself if I am dong that same thing again. Its ok to jump into things, some things. But others need more due diligence. Since the first firewalk I do take a moment to be sure or to get clear on what it is I am doing.

The second firewalk was cool because it took almost a month for the result to show up. I had wanted to blow the top off of my earning potential. But right after the firewalk I was still wallowing in what was a ceiling on my pay. I saw different ways of expanding the areas to make the money, but not to actually make more money. I was frustrated and one day I was thinking about how at the firewalk I had seen some simple ways to make more money, but it still had a cap, just a little wider cap then now. Once I saw this, I was clear what to do. Get an MBA. I am currently registered and will start classes on Sept 8th. I now see the cap being removed and I can do much more with my assets than I could before.


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