Firewalk Gratitude Nov. 24th, 2009


We are extremely powerful divine energy beings who are co-creators.The primary thing we create is our reality and we do that by the thoughts we choose, the words we use to solidify those thoughts and the emotions we select to amplify it all. If we choose to commit ourselves to a path of higher awareness, it only takes a small shift in what we believe to start the journey. A willingness to shift beliefis also anecessary stepping stoneon the pathway to higher awareness, which coincidentally is inherent to fire walking.Suddenly the question becomes what other beliefs have Iaccepted as truth without an adequate test or adequate prospective.

· Freeing yourself from any fear and developing with your concentration

· Being impeccable with any circumstance.

· Loving yourself andmother earth.

· Realize that the only thing that stops us to reach our full potential is fears

Juan Carlos Quesada, Bi-lingual Personal Coach, Master Mentor and Inspirational Speaker: Teaching the wisdom of the ages through the principles of Universal Laws. My mission is to motivate and inspire others to become purposeful and disciplined masters of ourselves, and dedicated to discovering our wealth within. Through education and training, building mental, spiritual and social awareness, creating higher expectations of themselves and what we co-create. Traveled the world five years as Mastery Mentor with Mr. Anthony Robbins and now in association with Bob Proctor from “The Secret

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Date:  Tuesday 24 November

Time:  6-8:30pm

Location:  Coronado Beach

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Juan Carlos Quesada


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