Firewalking Experience – Commitment Breakthrough Sept. 19th, 2009


To Entrepreneurs and Leaders in the
Wellness, Empowerment and Eco-Friendly industrries:

Are you 100% committed and in action now to move your business and results to the next level?

Do those who work for you or involved with your projects have the same level of commitment?

Entrepreneurs & Leaders !!!


Now is the time for a Breakthrough in your Business or Cause

…to move what has been stuck,

overcome the obstacles that have held you back,

and generate the level of commitment

needed by you and your team to produce the results you say you want


How Strong is Your Commitment?
How Strong is Your Commitment?
Don't Try to Make It Alone!
Don't Try to Make It Alone!

Generate 100% Commitment to your Business or Cause Now (Firewalk September 19th)

On Sept 19th, there will be a 5 hours Firewalk training tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, leaders and people involved with wellness, empowerment, and eco-friendly industries.

Here is an overview of what will happen

  1. You will work with like minded people in your industry to expand your commitment and identify what blocks you from producing the results you want
  2. This obstacle will get shattered during the course of the evening
  3. You will identify and commit to the most important action(s) that will make the biggest difference to cause the results you want now. You will have an opportunity to create acountability structure during the evening.
  4. You will be outrageous and unstoppable in completing those actions powerfully and quickly and generating more income and production right now

If you are responsible for the performance of other people, or facilitate a network or team of people up to important things, consider inviting them to this event. I promise they will have a breakthrough in productivity and accomplishment


Event Details

Date: September 19th, 2009
Time: 4:00-9:15pm
Location: San Diego area



$175 per person

  • I still value my 1st Firewalk experience at $500, for how it helped reshape the direction of my life and stay in action.
  • Talk to the person referring you here for potential tuition discounts.

$25 per person (for former Firewalkers of the San Diego Firewalker's Club)

  • Please reply to this email and request to the discount code to use


1. Fill out the Registration form below indicating you want to attend. You will get a reminder closer to the event

2. After you Register you will be directed to site to make Payment for your ticket.

A portion of the proceeds will be going to several health and environmental non-profit organizations involved with the event

More About Firewalking

For hundreds of years, the Firewalking ceremony was a rite of initiation for communities to celebrate and empower their tribes or villages. The principles still apply today and are empowering people to make a difference and help ignite San Diego's economy.

Here are the experiences many people have have reported from Firewalking :

  • Improved ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Ability to set an intentions and direction that inspire and motivate
  • More courage and power to act in the face of fear
  • Ability to follow through on worthy projects
  • Opening to experience love and compassion
  • Release of the past while stepping into the new
  • Experience of a profound sense of community

Here is further reading on the Top 7 Benefits of Firewalk

About the Firewalk Leader: Julian D. Bergquist is an ordained Huna Firewalking Priest, workshop leader and coach. He is passionate about facilitating breakthroughs that result in improved communication in business, intimate relationships and with oneself.

Industry Leaders will facilitate 60 min breakout sessions in their specialized industry.

Industries and Causes include:

  • Wellness Coaching
  • The Birth Experience
  • Artists Selling their Art
  • Creating Vibrant & Clean Ocean
  • Green Energy & Construction
  • Women's Wellness
  • Spiritual Empowerment for Women
  • Several Networking Groups

Transform Your Business Future Now

This Firewalking is now past