Firewalking 1/18/2009 Shifting Perceptions / Shifting Lives

We are extremely powerful divine energy beings who are co-creators of the multiverse.

The primary thing we create is our reality and we do that by the thoughts we choose, the words we use to solidify those thoughts and the emotions we select to amplify it all. If we choose to commit ourselves to a path of higher awareness it only takes a small shift in what we believe to start the journey. A willingness to shift belief is also a necessary stepping stone on the pathway to higher awareness, which coincidentally is inherant to firewalking. Suddenly the question becomes what other beliefs have I accepted as truth without an adequate test or adequate prospective.

If I can walk on 1000 degree hot coals and not burn my feet what else can I do that I never thought I could?

It is a physical, mental and spiritual experience. It does not take hypnosis or an altered state of consciousness to walk safely. It does take 100% of your attention.

Firewalking presents an indication that a person has faced and overcome fear. This is not like parachuting or bungee jumping because the individual must rely upon themselves for safety rather than technology. A Firewalk requires a person rely on and trust their innermost and higher selves for protection. It is this self reliance that makes Firewalking such a transformational experience. We are extremely powerful beings and and our Firewalk Seminar demonstrates how to access this unlimited potential and use it to walk across glowing 1200 degree hot coals.

The way to walk coals is in a state of personal empowerment with intention and positive expectation. It is not prudent to run skip or hop. It is necessary to control thoughts and maintain the appropriate mental state. It is a state of total empowerment leaving all doubt stored in an inaccessable area. To really know when you are ready it is necessary to stand in front of the glowing embers and feel the heat radiate all the way up your legs and then ask yourself the question. Can I do this safely today? Even if the answer is no just being part of a group where some Firewalk is amazing. The feelings of elation, excitement and personal power after a Firewalk is astounding. Salespeople and management teams that share a Firewalk also share phenomenal success and achieve as never before.


  • To experience concrete evidence that you are an extremely powerful being capable of astounding achievements.
  • To know what it feels like to access your infinite potential and feel total empowerment on demand for any life situation
  • To confront fear and realize the greatest detriment to your success in any endeavour is excessive uncontrolled fear.
  • Firewalking is alot of fun and causes the body to produce endorphins that produce a certain euphoria.

Yes it is that easy. It only takes abou 5 minutes to show 80% of the people how to do it. It feels alot like walking on popcorn. It is a wonderful experience and a great deal of fun and a natural team-builder.

Shifting Perceptions / Shifting Lives

Date: Sun, Jan. 18th
Time: 3-7pm
Location: Coronado Beach
Costs: $25 (bring cash or check)

Juan Carlos Quesada

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