Firewalking: The Psychology of Physical Immunity

By Jonathan Sternfield

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Seattle fire walker Dan McHale tests his immunity to burning in a variety of ways, among them, firewalking across red-hot firebeds on his hands. Repeatedly, he has been able to make such passages without any injury whatsoever, and, in the process, has challenged the skeptics’ theory that the fire walking can be safely performed only because the feet are tough and callused.

Manawanui: I met Dan McHale before I ever knew about firewalking. I was looking for a backpack for long distance hiking. He owned company 3 blocks from where I went to college making the sturdiest and most comfortable packs I had ever tried. A little heavier than I wanted. I didn’t find out about some of the things he did to push the envelop in the firewalking movement until later.

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