Firewalking Intro: Ignite New Economy and Fulfill Dreams Now!!!

Power, Freedom, Abundance.

This is Julian Bergquist with Live Powerfully Training. We empower Entrepreneurs to ignite the New Economy and Fulfill their Dreams Now.

Firewalking has been a rite of passage in many cultures for hundreds of years to empower people, test their faith, and celebrate new beginnings. Now the firewalk is a tool to empower modern people with what we are dealing with in the 21st Century.

I am working with a group of business leaders who offer this firewalking experience to help entrepreneurs be unstopped by their fears and worries and have breakthrough after breakthrough in business and life.

  • We help them be clear and decisive in choosing their ideal market
  • Create excitement and buzz about their business.
  • Eliminate resistance to selling
  • Step into their power and greatness to be industry leaders
  • And probably most important to enjoy a balanced home and family life

The entrepreneur and solo-preneurs are the engines in this new economy and leading the way. Now is the time for people with passion and big dreams, to reach for them now…and enjoy the results of their creation.

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