Firewalking From the Inside




Ordained and Initiate Firewalker

A report on four firewalking performances in Honolulu, and a critical study of them from the point of view of the initiate firewalker instead of that of the onlooker.

Editorial Changes

The following editorial changes were made to the original text.

  • Usage of the word "Kahunas" has been converted to "na kahuna". The reason is that plural forkahuna in the Hawaiian and Hunian language is indicated by a prefix "na" on the word not a plural 's' as in English. So these have been converted.
  • Usage of the word "Aumakuas" has been converted to "na aumakua" for the same reason.
  • Fire-Walking- The hyphen was removed from all instances of "Fire-walk" or "Fire-walking" or "Fire-walker". Firewalk, Firewalking, and Firewalker are now the modern term, so we have adapted to the newer terms so this information can be more easily found by people interested in this.
  • Italics – words with italics were italicized in the original document

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