Firewalking From the Inside




Ordained and Initiate Firewalker

A report on four firewalking performances in Honolulu, and a critical study of them from the point of view of the initiate firewalker instead of that of the onlooker.

Conclusion and Comments


While official "science" elects to remain stranded on the physical aspects of firewalking (and to ignore other forms of fire-immunity), it is high time that psychic science picks up where physics leaves off, and continues the study of the phenomenon in terms of the psychological. I aver that I am well within my scientific rights, and I certainly am in the very best of company, as I offer the conclusions which I do.

The old gods still live. By "gods" I mean the conscious entities or psychological forces which in this case, we see recognized and named as "Tu" and "Hina." To be less explicit, we may refer to these "gods" under the generic term, na aumakua. As such, they may range from the hypothetical level of consciousness and being next above the level of the conscious mind, to higher and higher levels.

The more lowly na aumakua may be the personal guardian spirits who watch over us. They in turn may have above there what in Hawaiian are called the akua na aumakua (or more god-like na aumakua).

If my efforts to increase our store of knowledge through an investigation of firewalking, and my conclusions as a result of that investigation, are to be of value, I must be frank and forthright. There is no longer a place for subterfuge and evasion.

What I have gained because of the advantage of my Polynesian blood and background, can be of value only if shared. I come from a long line of ancestors who have enjoyed a heritage of psychic gifts. I have lived fairly close to things Polynesian. Because of this I am able to feel what other Polynesians have felt when it comes to the "gods" — the na aumakua. I offer you psychological evidence from my own experience that the na aumakua are very real, very close, and very much what they are thought to be. I have been reared with a knowledge of them. I have seen their guidance and protection requested, apparently given, and gratefully acknowledged all my life. I have sensed them for myself, and such a heritage has made an acceptance of them not only easy but almost inevitable.

For me and for others of a similar heritage, the needed "faith" is easy to acquire.

I have had no difficulty in understanding and accepting my training in firewalking. My ordination, or introduction to the conscious beings who preside over the firewalk, was to me a very real experience.

If we are able to pull ourselves up and out of the mire of materialism, and push forward in the field in which we find non-physical consciousness, we will have an opportunity to learn and progress. If we are not, we stand to lose one of our brightest heritages.

There IS some invisible form of consciousness, using some form of energy, and probably some form of matter, to produce fire-immunity in the firewalk. This consciousness may be brought into action to furnish the immunity -through ritualistic actions.

If such impressive aid can be obtained for firewalking, it is reasonable to believe that aid in other matters can be obtained by the use of similar means.

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